Monday, September 23, 2013

Russian Federation - Jehovah's Witnesses

The long-running "extremism" trial against Jehovah's Witness Yelena Grigoryeva in Astrakhan Region ended on 1 August, when Akhtubinsk City Public Prosecutor's Office informed her it was closing the case for lack of evidence, Jehovah's Witnesses announced on 8 August. Court proceedings against Grigoryeva under Article 282, Part 1 ("incitement of hatred [nenavist] or enmity [vrazhda], as well as the humiliation of human dignity") began in February 2012, a year after law enforcement agents confiscated "extremist" Jehovah's Witness material from her home. With the closure of that case, the only ongoing Jehovah's Witness "extremism" trial is that against 16 Jehovah's Witnesses in the Black Sea coastal town of Taganrog (see F18News 2 January 2013

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